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God damn, it @netflix - I’m trying to write here! #netflix #inkmasters #amnotwriting

Finally got to #shareacoke with my muffin! #loveisamuffin

The only thing harder than not knowing what you want to be when you grow up…is knowing. #amwriting

To become a doctor, you need to complete an undergraduate education before going to medical school.  Once you’re done with medical school, you have to go through a residency program.  After that, you can obtain a fellowship (if you want to) and you’re usually supposed to take an exam to become board certified.  To become a lawyer, you also have to complete your undergrad, take the LSATs, go to…

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Starting this day off right :) 🎃

I now have everything I need to write my manuscript. #writelikeamotherfucker #therumpus #dearsugar #amwriting @the_rumpus @cherylstrayed

No more teachers, no more books - #backtoschoolblues on #mmimr

The majority of the population signs up for gym memberships after January 1st.  The new year marks the calendar for a fresh start – the sins of the previous year are washed away and we’re all given a clean slate.  People quit smoking, start exercising…seriously look for new jobs.  Everything is new, and nothing hurts.

I’ve been in school for the last quarter century, give or take a few years.…

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What would you tell your #voiceofinnocence? #amwriting

I’m a writer that needs deadlines.  I work well when there’s a fire under my ass.  I work even better as the temperature rises.  So, it was important for me to set a date for when I would begin seriously working on my draft.  This not only gave me time to prepare myself for the stress and work associated with physically writing, but also afforded me some time to mentally and emotionally brace…

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When you’re about to take a trip, it’s important to set your #GPS - #amwriting #mfa

If you’ve successfully completed Step Two, and have managed to rid yourself of doubt, I wouldn’t pop the champagne just yet.  You may have won the battle, but there is still a war to be fought, and the enemy is still you.  Or, in my case, the you you used to be.

In addition to Professor Clouther’s Fiction Writing class, I also took his Memoir Writing class.  Our final project was to submit a…

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Better late than never… #graduation #stonybrook #magnacumlaude

The oddest balls at #oddballfesf (at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater)